"This is a brave collection."

— Hong Kong Review of Books

". . .  a stunning achievement."

— Buzzfeed

". . . an example of poetry at its highest form."

— Indiana Review

"It takes my breath away."

— Poetry Foundation

". . . a necessary aggression . . . "

— Black Warrior Review

". . . a joy to witness."

— LitHub

". . . possesses the formal tools of a strong poet . . ."

— Publishers Weekly

". . . a triumphant debut collection."

— Browse Review

Winner of the Cave Canem Poetry Prize, selected by Terrance Hayes; the Levis Reading Prize; and the Julie Suk Award. Finalist for a Lambda Literary Award; a Thom Gunn Award; and the Kate Tufts Discovery Award.

“Whether in praise songs, appraisals or meditations, the poems of Boy with Thorn embody an ardent grace. Their accomplished structures house a fearless sensitivity. Laurentiis fills history with his ‘crucial blood,’ his ‘stubbornness,’ his ‘American tongue’; and history, in return, fills him with crucial muses (from Auden to Hayden), stubborn ghosts (such as Emmett Till), and manifold expressions of culture (southern, sexual, spiritual). The result is an extraordinary, and ultimately, irreducible debut."

                                                                                             —Terrance Hayes

“Laurentiis’ poems have the vastness of a single voice shouted into echo in a deep well, and this is why the collection seems to render more than it contains in mere information alone. Rich in subtext and musically deft, the poems please even as they parry, excite even as they incite one to consider their stakes. For this reason, the collection is owed the reading—and rereading—by poets and students of poetry both.”

                                                                                             —Emilia Phillips, On the Seawall

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